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Strategy, Design, and Execution of a

Senior Leadership Communications Program


Our firm was engaged by the information technology division of one of the largest federal agencies in the United States to improve the effectiveness of communications with the division's senior leadership team. The organizations communications vehicles (meetings, newsletters, etc.) lacked integration and program management, as well as full executive sponsorship. The absence of a comprehensive communication plan made it difficult to communicate a clear leadership agenda or to demonstrate the organization's progress against its high-priority initiatives.


We proposed an integrated approach for internal communications with senior leadership through a combination of regular, interactive meetings, targeted newsletters and updates via the intranet. The communications program included a systematically managed annual strategic planning cycle.

To meet the communication needs of these audiences, we proposed three integrated vehicles - regularly scheduled, bi-monthly Senior Leadership Team meetings, a revised approach to the annual Leadership Conference, and a Senior Management newsletter timed to correspond with the frequency of the Senior Leadership Team Meetings.

The Annual Leadership Conference is a critical element of the communications strategy; where 350 senior leaders converge to learn the organization's strategic objectives, discuss organization-wide initiatives and network with their peers. To support this conference, we provide:

  • Content Development - Through attendee interviews, focus groups and executive input, we defined the meeting objectives and designed the agenda. We also identified presenters and worked with all speakers on messaging and presentations
  • Logistics Management - We managed of all elements of the event logistics both pre- and post- event. Our effort included hotel contract management - sleeping space, meeting space, food and beverage, registration, event materials, signage, etc.
  • Communication Support - We developed and executed the event communication plan
  • On-Site Management - We provided overall management of the on-site event staff for logistics and content
  • Program Measurement and Reporting - We performed event measurement including the development of the evaluation criteria, creating the measurement form, administering on-site feedback, tabulating results and providing evaluation reports

Results/Key Metrics/ROI

By implementing a programmatic approach to senior leadership communications, the following key objectives were met:

  • Senior leaders receive appropriate and timely information to help them understand the direction of the organization and how their teams contribute
  • Senior leaders are provided with talking points they can share with their teams and they are clear that they have this responsibility following each bi-monthly meeting
  • Senior leaders now have the opportunity to regularly interact and exchange ideas
  • The timing and frequency of leadership communications is coordinated and executed in a manner that supports the annual planning cycle