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Change Management and Communications for a firm-wide

Human Resources Transformation


A large strategy and technology consulting firm has been helping clients solve their toughest problems for close to a century. We were engaged to provide a systematic, best-practices based approach to communications and change management for the firm's PeopleSoft implementation within HR. While the initiative established a technology foundation for the firm's future, it did not offer many compelling or immediate benefits for employees. Despite this, the communications and change management efforts needed to inspire and motivate employees to embrace change willingly and quickly.


We applied our integrated communications and change management (ICCM) approach to this project. We first met with key stakeholders over a period of time to "build the big picture." The big picture provided the organization with a pictorial vision or end point that the program was trying to achieve. Next we performed a change-focused stakeholder analysis. This analysis focused first on identifying the key stakeholder groups and then identifying their change and information needs. We identified items such as, what they know about this program, how it will benefit them, what is going to be difficult for them, what they need to understand, and how we want them to behave.

After the stakeholder analysis, we developed targeted messaging and a message platform for each audience. Our platform focused on an authentic message that communicated the programs strengths and challenges. We communicated what made this program unique and sustainable, and why it was relevant to each stakeholder group, identifying "what's in it for me?" Before launching the ICCM campaign, we tested and refined the solutions and the messaging - facilitating focus groups, hosting webinars, and conducting surveys. These activities allowed us to socialize the solution and our communications tactics prior to turning the campaign into a tactical and executable plan. Finally, we evaluated our efforts in conjunction with the evaluation of the program - how successful were we in achieving our goals? Our evaluation helped us redirect and refine certain elements of the program.

Results/Key Metrics/ROI

  • Provided a framework and a forward-looking plan that helped to guide activities, reduce ad-hoc communications and ensure the delivery of information to various audiences with the right information at the right time
  • Created a unifying brand, message platform and visual identity
  • Worked innovatively by moving beyond traditional channels to creatively reach and engage employees
  • Worked closely with the firm's leadership groups (for example, HR Managers and senior frontline managers) to carry the message and be advisors and implementers of the change
  • Worked closely with the firm's marketing and communications resources to fully leverage firm-wide messaging and vehicles, and adhere to existing brand guidelines
  • Helped employees to see beyond the baseline capabilities of the systems to envision the transformation's future potential

Client Testimonial

"I am a firm believer that you can't build support for new initiatives or drive behavioral change with traditional approaches. The unique, integrated change management and communications strategies that the consultants applied here have played a critical role in the success of several of our HR transformation initiatives."

-Principal Level Leader of the Firm