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Providing Executive Leadership for an

International Financial Services Provider


Graeper Marketing provided executive leadership to the international division of a leading provider of electronic commerce and payment solutions. The company serves a diverse range of markets, leveraging global scale through a local presence and maintaining focus on individual client needs. The company has more than 6,700 employees and operates in 39 countries across Europe, Middle East and Africa, Latin America, Canada, Australia and Asia-Pacific.


The company engaged Graeper Marketing to build and manage a team to support the business, the portfolio, and sales, and establish internal and external communications programs. Goals included supporting the division's strategic objectives:

  1. Grow the core business through an intensive program that focuses on strategic clients to drive strong organic growth.
  2. Expand product offerings to ensure the company delivers products and services better than the competition.
  3. Improve overall cost structure and efficiencies -help drive operational efficiencies across their organization by centralizing the marketing and communications function and programs.
  4. Continue to rapidly expand the company's global reach through strategic acquisitions and partnerships, and widespread geographic expansion.

Results/Key Metrics/ROI

We designed and launched five new marketing programs.

  • Built an infrastructure that promotes cross-regional knowledge transfer to promote organic growth. Includes Communities of Practice and "Win First" Sales Portal.
  • Facilitated acquisition and integration including branding, employee assimilation and product portfolio reconciliation.
  • Launched program for applying integrated account-based marketing campaigns to support organic growth with select key and cross-regional accounts.
  • Established proactive, effective influencer relations program based on Thought Leadership to enhance our profile with investors, clients and prospects.
  • Created a customer reference and relationship program to be leveraged to demonstrate value delivered.

Other Services Requested by this Client

Graeper Marketing provided an outsourced solution for management of the company's international marketing program supporting 39 countries.